Hello Waukesha County!!

Welcome to your NEW Waukesha County site.  This is dedicated to the people of Waukesha County whether you live here or you are from here and want to keep up with the latest and the greatest information available.  Please join the site and start talking!  Remember, this site is FAMILY FRIENDLY.  Children under the age of 13 ARE welcomed [must have parental permission via the Support Desk]and protected here.  Take a look around and say HELLO!!

This site 53188-us.mikode.net, in conjunction with Mikode.net, is devoted to all the aspects of the area of Waukesha County.

It is designed for those who want to passively find out more about the districts and its people. It is also for those who want to take an active part in their local communities and general progressive development of the district.

For businesses, within the localities of Waukesha County this is a great opportunity to get to know and service your local consumers.

For clubs and associations, announce your events and causes to your local community.

For politicians connect with your constituents.

Senior citizens can stay connected to current affairs within the local community from the safety of your own home. Find personally recommended careers from within your local community. Create safe online portals to stay connected to family members even if they live in another country. Share your wisdom with others.

For the very young, unlike other social sites we welcome and cater to the under thirteens [must have parental permission]. We have gone to great lengths to protect children who want to use this site. Please read our safety page for a full explanation.

How does it work?

If you have not already done so you should “Join Mikode” Mikode is the main network site for all the community sites.

Click on the “Group” Tab in the top navigation bar at Mikode and select:

Group Mikode 53188-us

You are invited to Group Mikode 53188-us
Members who are in https://53188-us.mikode.net are invited to discuss topics that are of interest to you  in the Waukesha County community area. Take an active part in discussions here and invite other people you know in your area to this group.

You may also like to start a forum topic attached to this group.

Let us take a look at how this would work in practice with the following two examples:

Example 1.

A Local Butcher:

Could join the group 53188-us and announce that the shop is starting a forum where the best meat cuts will be explained and customers will be kept updated on daily specials, coupons etc.

This butcher could produce a leaflet including the forum URL link explaining that there is a forum available, where the customers can interact and keep updated. Encouraging the customers to take the leaflet from the butchers counter at point of sale will result in customer participation and feedback in the butcher’s forum.

Example 2.

Resolving Residential Issues.

You live in a street where you feel a safety crossing to the school bus is needed. You could start a forum topic over this issue via the 53188-us group. Then canvas all the residents in your street to come to the forum and voice their opinion on the issue. If the consensus of the other residents shows the majority of residents in your street see a need for a crossing – then you could show the results to your local member.

You could start a topic on any interest you would like to share/get feedback on within the 53188-us group and forum; whether for business, hobby or private.

In addition if you start a topic that engenders a lot of local interest we may dedicate a page on this site to your topic.

Local Interaction Needed

This is a free portal created for the people and by the people residing within the local areas of Waukesha County.

The survival of this site depends on the interest shown by the local community.

We feel that this site can fulfill a very useful purpose in our community – we need your help to make it so.

Your interaction and spreading the word to others to join in, is the life blood of this site.

How You Can Help

Tell people about this site.

  • Tell your friends and neighbors.
  • Tell your local shop keepers.
  • Tell your Facebook followers
  • Tweet about the site on twitter

Interact with this site.

  • Write your own posts
  • Read and comment on other peoples posts
  • Create a profile, group, forum, photo album

Above all be kind to each other and have some fun.

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